Conservation Technology

In 1965 Gordon Moore predicted the incredible advances in technology and concurrent reduction in the manufacturing cost.  Today we are blessed with a plethora of amazing, and affordable, sensor and communications technology, complimented by similar advances in artificial intelligence techniques.

Yet, many of the wonderful tech solutions that are introduced to conservation through innovative research or cunning marketing, fail to become established as day-to-day tools for conservation managers.  The likely cause being that we fail to harness the full value of the real-time data streams generated by these technologies to assist decision making.  The difference between those tech solutions that stay and those that fade, likely lies in the on-the-ground implementation and integration of systems, rather than the innovative components that the systems are comprised of.

At Contemplate Wild, this is what we aim for, to look beyond the innovation, and master the real world integration and implementation of technology in conservation.

More to come soon…